The Unboxing Experience

We know the term User Experience (UX) is very attached to the Web, actually, the term exploded because of that, I dare to say. But UX is explorable everywhere, and should be considered on every commodity.

I posted an article about user experience on a mug a while ago, and I would like to bring you another way to explore user experience: When people unbox their products.

My experience unboxing a Mac

That’s it! You spent hundreds of dollars on your brand new, for instance, MacBook Pro. In Canada, a customized MacBook Pro 13″ costs around $2,000 CAD including taxes, your needs demands a compensation for that, you feel guilty to spend so much money on that.

Apple invested money and efforts in an unusual step of any product life-cycle: The unboxing step. Lets see what they have done:

MacBook Pro Box
First, the box itself it’s not that brown regular paperboard. The package design is colorful, has a handle to carry like a suitcase. And the best: Easy to open.

Designed by Apple in California
The first thing we see is the actual MacBook Pro, laying in a padded surface and a sexy black fillet over it saying “Designed by Apple in California” – looks like I’m unboxing an advanced prototype.

Apple say Hello
For my surprise, when I removed the MacBook (by pulling that black fillet) I saw in a glance a squared book saying “Hello”. That’s the manual.

Were made for each other
First page: “Congratulations! You and your MacBook Pro were made for each other.” – at this point, they stated in your mind that THIS particular piece were made for you, just for you.

That reminds me movies when the girl when opening a gift box see a dog cub coming out happily and right after that, a note attached to its leash saying: “I’m your dog, love me!”.

Although silly from outside, for me, who actually spent money on it, I felt pleased with this little care. It was – funny – because when I bought my HP, it was just a regular box, containing a regular notebook. No new experience, it’s just a trivial task of me unboxing a notebook, no remarkable memories, and no post on this blog about it..

What’s important?

Whatever commodity you sell (cakes, candles, wine, handcrafts, etc) you should consider to add a good experience during the unboxing, in other words, you must create a story, a story that in the end [of unboxing] the customer falls in love for your product, and people around get jealous for not having the same experience and funny moments. These customers will share (like I shared here), and there is nothing better and cheap than free advertising of your product!

It’s like love on the first sight, Apple is here to prove that people buy good experiences, and this is just the top of the iceberg!

Future Reading

Any thoughts? Feel free to give your inputs on the comments below 🙂 and thanks for reading!

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