This is my personal life

Who am I?

Dorival Teixeira Neto Well, this is me!
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and had an exciting life until my 24's when I moved to Canada. I've got a special interest for creative work, and that includes Coding, Styling and Desiging, but not limited on that.

My perpetual taste for pursuing best experiences for users, result me on creating awesome and optimized codes and terrific navigation flows, it's all about user interaction design!


Good companies dot not only give us good machines and salary, but a favorable environment for creativity. I measure a company based on how many white boards they have on their walls, and how unique and good they want their products. And specially: How well they care about the employees, good cogs performs better.


I have two big passions while not working: Travel and try good coffees. Actually, when travelling I usually try local coffee shops, so it's a combined hobby. Anyway, you can check some pictures from my trips, and of course, watch some coffee. I also try to play my violin, it helps me relax and do not stick too much time on my computer.

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This is my professional life


I got my Computer Science BSc. in 2006 on a private university (FMU) on Brazil. To complement my degree, I worked in scientific projects, researching user interfaces and semiotics. Because of this and other voluntary activities, I got my diploma with honors.

LinkedIn and Social Life

I am very active on LinkedIn, you can find me there, as well my complete curriculum. I tweet interesting stuff (not just rewteets) on my twitter account. And of course, I have my Blog here! Where I talk about JavaScript, CSS/HTML, UX, User Interaction Design and Computer Science stuff.

Work Experience

I have 8 years of progressive experiene on Web, Mobile, and an extensive background on Interaction Design, Web Design, and User Interface development (Front End Development for Mobile and Web). Some companies that I worked on, I would mention: Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange and Abril Publishing House, both big players on their fields, with thousands of employees.


My portfolio is full of works, but only personal projects since all companies has a strict policy about publish their work.


It's complicated to talk about skills because I got very comfortable with a wide range of technologies, since I got my Programming Logic and UX Design very well developed, but I can highlight:

Codes: JavaScript · CSS3/HTML5 · JAVA · PHP · C# · ASP.Net · TSQL · Ruby

Softwares: Photoshop (Adobe Suite) · Visual Studio · Axure · Balsamiq · Windows/Unix

Frameworks/Platforms: Prototype/jQuery · .Net · Microsoft Commerce Server · WordPress

Concepts: SEO · User Experience· Storyboard· SCRUM · Agile · Color Psycology · Branding

Humans: Independent · Self-starter · Easly work without surpervision · Excellent communication skills · Translate Technical/Business · Very Team Player · Cool :)

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