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The Unboxing Experience

by DorivalDecember 3, 2011

We know the term User Experience (UX) is very attached to the Web, actually, the term exploded because of that, I dare to say. But UX is explorable everywhere, and should be considered on every commodity. I posted an article … Continue reading

A Mug, self explaining

The User Experience and the Mug

by DorivalSeptember 26, 2011

This a UX Tale, set on a humble IT Office, explaining with some deviations why a mug can communicate like any other thing Continue reading

A Summary about Usability

by DorivalSeptember 26, 2011

Usability has a lot to say, but I will give a brief history about the principles of this trending topic, today very recognized and well accepted in the industry. Continue reading


by DorivalNovember 26, 2008

Você sabe o que é metáfora? Imagino que sim, usamos elas muitas vezes no nosso dia-a-dia, vide o “morrer de rir” como algo bem corriqueiro. Mas quando falamos de Interfaces Gráficas, metáforas tem um significado parecido porem com outra roupagem. … Continue reading

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